Basket's journey trough systemhood. A journal of self-discovery

We are Berry Basket System, also known as Basket Sys, a traumagenic OSDD-1 introject heavy system. In here we talk about our own experiences, phenomenons and interesting things that we can actually go on detail about. It is all based on our own development, sometimes even ask fellow systems about some confirmation on specific subjects but that's about it.

For more stuff that cannot go fully on detail about for a long paragraph, you might be interested in our Sysblr Tumblr account: basketsjourney. If you just want to chat, basketsys is our main Tumblr blog.

Current fronter(s) Source code

Do Not Interact, in any of our social medias, if you:

  • Basic DNI criteria (pedofiles, TERFs, transphobes, homophobes, etc.).
  • Support Autism Speaks.
  • Are a Dream Team stan.
  • Are a Wilbur Soot supporter. Support victims, always.
  • Are associated with Cryptid King System/9 Circles System, Abyss Council or Nuke System.
  • Defend endogenic, tulpa or non-traumagenic systems. More information here.
  • Guest book

    We have a guest book here that bascally serves as our comment section of this blog, so any backfeed is highly appreciated.

    More information:

  • Frontiers | Revisiting False-Positive and Imitated Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • "Why endos are bad" informational carrd

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